31 de diciembre de 2009

10:00 p.m. 31/12/2009

Its kind of weird ...dont you think...
when you find yourself at a new year eve all alone
just writing
infront of the computer
listening a song...that talk about love...and then
all of the sudden
you start to think about the things that happen this year(2009)
and a smile appears at your face...
the persons you love
the situations you live
the new lovely girl that you find
the oportunities you have
Everything starts to appear...and then...you realize...
that you are really thankfull
and a small tear goes down your chick.

Happy new year!

2 comentarios:

  1. .and how everything happens so fast
    things that you can't control
    things that you can't ignore
    things that you can't let go
    or things that you really NEED to let go..
    Friends that you'll never see
    moments that won't come back any time soon..
    things that you hate and you're happy to forget..

    friends, family and moments with them that you love... that are
    the ones that last until the end of your life.. AT the end, that's really what matters the most in the journey of a year that won't happen again.

  2. jujuuuu!! buenisimo amy!! super complemento! me llego!